Our Mission

Make Better Decisions

Our guiding principle, at the core of everything we do, is to help people make better decisions. We believe that everyone, whether they are a new company making its first purchase in capital, or a large organisation expanding into a new country, should have the tools to do better than a ‘best guess’, especially where decisions are critical to the financial future of your business. We want to help you own your risk, and forecast what was previously unpredictable. We want to help you embrace opportunity, scale your business, and grow with you through high-quality consulting and financial modelling expertise.

In fact, we believe so strongly in our mission that we use our products at Invrea.

The Team

Because our greatest asset is our talent

At Invrea, our team makes it possible to tackle the most demanding data challenges head-on. We're made up of world-leading data scientists, programmers and academic researchers, working alongside the up-and-coming creative talent in the industry to bring innovative solutions and high-quality consulting to your business:

Billy Smith
Brooks Paige
Prof. Frank Wood
Prof. Hongseok Yang

We are Invrea.

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