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Our mission at Invrea is to help you make better decisions. To this end, we make it easy for you to transform your own spreadsheets into intelligent and maintainable models.

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Our Story

Prof. Frank Wood explains the revolutionary technology
behind Invrea

ANGLICAN and Probabilistic Programming

In episode seventeen of season two we get an introduction to Min Hashing, talk with Frank Wood the creator of ANGLICAN, about probabilistic programming and his new company, INVREA, and take a listener question about how to choose an architecture when using a neural network.

A beautiful partnership

Artificial Intelligence, meet Spreadsheet Modeling

Improve understanding, make better projections, and build better models using the revolutionary new command ACTUAL

Way beyond Monte Carlo: get the complete picture with automated, exhaustive scenario generation given model and actuals

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Using Scenarios to make predictions on Invrea's business plan

Save time and let Invrea do the hard work for you. With Scenarios, you can do more accurate and more informative modeling for your every business need.

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